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The race weekend started out Saturday evening with Supermoto practice. Miller is allocating 1/2 of the track for Supermoto only practice the Saturday evening before our races from 5 PM to dusk (practice price is $35). Seven riders showed up and we rode the heck out of the east half of the track. Those who rode the east dirt section found the dirt was mostly dry, which was surprising considering the amount of rain the days before. Bottom line is practice was fun, plentiful, and the 1/2 track situation was no big deal.

The biggest race day surprise was the turnout. Our entires were way up compared to the first race of last year. The biggest class by far was the newly added asphalt only class. Many people also took advantage of the opportunity to get in more racing by entering the asphalt only class and a second class that ran the dirt.

The weather was "suppose" to be clear up to about 4 PM. That was true for the 8 am practice sessions. For the 10 am practice session there was a mist falling but people could go full-on with no loss of traction. By the first race, the drizzle turned into rain. The dirt section was then eliminated.

Due to a couple of mechanical breakdowns during practice, and people deciding to pack up and not race due to the rain, the race participants were pretty slim. Because of the track conditions, the remaining racers decided to cancel our heat races and go straght into the mains. Just before the mains started, the rain stopped, but the track still had puddles. When the mains ended, the sun came out!

The results are available in a stickie post at the top of the threads index page.
Our next race is Sunday June 12th.
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