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Hey all, not new here and neither is this bike. It has just been evolving. I'll give a brief back story and ill start the build in subsequent posts.

2011 KTM 450 SXF. I bought this sight unseen from a dealer about 4hrs away in North Carolina. This was supposed to be my built supermoto race bike to replace my 2012 450. The dealer kept telling me it was "all stock, low hours, clean". I knew it wasn't from the pics but took the gamble as it was a good deal for the time. Turned out when I got the title it belonged to a dealer in Texas of which I knew the owner. The bike had raced a few pro MX rounds in 2011 but was sold off after the season. It basically sat for 4 years and changed hands a few times before I got it.

When I got it in 2015 I got about 1hr on it before it stopped working. Inspecting the airbox and wiring it appeared to have had a fire at one point. It has an open air cage with no backfire screen so im guessing that did it. Also the starter lead was suspect. The reason it stopped on me though was a tight link in the cam chain and possibly oiling issues. It ruined the journals on a cam and messed up the head. When i sent the head off to be repaired the freeplay in the crank was border line so i just rebuilt the whole motor. This was 2015 ish. Now it has a fresh motor. 13:1 compression. Head was welded and line bored. Valve job. new bearings, new rod installed by KTM on my crank. and on and on. I put a high flow water pump on it as well as a Trail Tech 90w stator/flywheel weight.

I rode the bike off road a little as well as at the supermoto track. Seemed to have issues every time. Once the coil went bad. Another time the starter gear one way bearing got really loud and turned out the cage had come apart. At the SM track the muffler melted the mounts. Fingers crossed it's all sorted now and no more bad luck!

Since I had the title I took it as well as my bill of sale for my 2012(before i sold it) and went to the dmv to try and title them both. This bike I was able to street title without issue, not so lucky on the 12. Now that It has a street title I thought I would complete a long time goal of having a street legal dirt bike......

Pic from the dealers website when i bought it.


And a few days later...



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The build

2011 KTM 450SXF
Trail Tech 90w stator/flywheel weight
DDB Coolant catch can
KTM Hardparts Waterpump Upgrade
Tusk Universal Harness
Tusk Handle Switch
Sicass Racing Key
Trail Tech Voyager GPS gauge
BD Headlight
Acerbis Tail
BD Hydro brake switches
2015 KTM Clamps
Tusk Impact 18/21 Offroad rims
DNA 19/21 Moto Rims
Alpina 16.5/ 17x5.5 SM rims with Berringer 6pot race brake setup

Still Need

Kick Stand
BD Dimmer switch(accidentally ordered a light that was just on/off.... but i think the dimmer will allow me to run low/hi)

The main part of this project so far has been the wiring harness. I actually got this harness a few months ago and did most of the install but wasn't happy with it, so i cut it all apart and basically started from scratch. I used some of the connectors but mainly ran some new connectors and used the wires from the kit. I also am not running turn signals as they aren't required in VA. I have a fold away trail mirror but you can't see anything out of it so that might change.


The horn mounts off the triple and sits behind the light great. It just barely is above the BD light. With an OEM light it might be more room.

The tail i don't think is DOT but it does have a tag light and is really bright. Not like some older ones ive run. Since this is fender mounted i didn't want a heavy light.

Once I am 100% done with the wiring harness I plan to make a true wiring diagram for it. That has been the biggest headache so far. The tusk harness is probably ok but some things were too long, some too short. I ended up using a 4 pin weather proof connector i had from my xmas light project this year, and some 2 pin GM style connectors for other things. All joints were soldered and then epoxy shrink. The last things i need to add are a rear brake switch, possibly a fan and i want to fix the bullet connectors used on the coil ground from the key. I am going to swap them out for a 2pin connector.

I didn't wire up the start switch to the key, only the kill. So someone could crank and kill my battery but i don't commute and don't plan on riding/leaving this anywhere. Just for short blasts up the mountain or some of the roads near me.

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Did a little more work. Finished the harness but omitted the rear brake switch. Wired the temp sensor and tach up the the voyager and installed a few other bits like handguards. I still need to clean yhe carb but planning on doing that after some 250xc maintenance as well.


Completed harness
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