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2011 Husaberg FS570

$7000 CDN.

It’s the end of an era. With the purchase of a new bike I am listing my trusty Berg for sale.

This is simply put one of the most badass street legal supermoto’s ever assembled. 55hp mountains of torque and great reliability.

Prior to being listed the bike has had new plastics, except for the front fender and fork guards installed. A fresh oil and filter, all the street legal equipment ( except the mirrors but I have them ) put back on. As well as a complete once over by the boys at Kenco. The bike has a fresh battery and Michelin Medium race rubber with 3 rides on them and is ready to go. I spent almost $1000 in the last two weeks making sure it would be turn key and pretty for its next owner.

Modifications from stock and parts included are:

Behr KTM SMR 17” wheels with a 5 inch rear and 3.5 front ( not as light as stock but allows better lap times than the 4.25 rear it came with )

Beringer four piston radial front brake caliper and a pile of pads in a couple different compounds.

Brembo RCS 15 Master Cylinder

GMD Computack Triple Clamps, no longer in production. Un-obtanium and some of the best KTM Supermoto triples around.

Suter Slipper Clutch. Built by the same fine folks that assembled Mr. Marquez Moto2 bike.

Two chains and three rear sprockets in 38, 42, 48 teeth. 38 is stock, 48 is currently mounted and may be a little short for street duty.

FS 450 Camshaft. Moves the power up higher in the revs. Makes a better Sumo power delivery.

Akrapovic Titanium Slip-on.

Suspension custom sprung and valved by RMR suspensions for me at 225 lbs. Its stiff but compliant and very well set up. Lighter riders have said it feels great.

There is also another set of used plastics, another set of take off Michelin Race tires, the stock muffler and a couple bins of parts to go with and a Husqvarna race stand. As well as some things I’m probably forgetting.

The bike currently shows 182 hrs, which is a little low as I ran a front brake disc without a speedo magnet for half a season. Approx 40 hours ago the engine was rebuilt with a new piston, cylinder, connecting rod, crank, rockers and all new bearings and gaskets at a cost of $5500. Kenco Motorcycle’s sold the bike new and completed the engine rebuild. Aside from the camshaft it is totally stock internally. If you have any maintenance concerns give them a call. Oil and filter has been changed every 3 rides since the rebuild with Amsoil synthetic. It also has only been run on VP U4.4 and Chevron 94 in a 50/50 mix since. I have all the old engine parts available with the bike.

Several Members of the LIRC and Victoria Supermoto Club have seat time on this bike and can vouch for how well set up and fast it is. It has been tweaked and tuned relentlessly for the last four years and at this point is an absolute weapon on either the track or the street. Despite its potential it is very friendly and very easy to ride. If wheelies are your thing look no further, If you have a DRZ and are looking for a little more in every department this is the answer, it’s also 50 lbs lighter than a 690/701 with nearly the same HP numbers.

I’m asking $7000 which is a lot for a 9 year old dirt bike but this one is something special. They were only produced over a period of 4 years and In very limited numbers. This bike has approximately $5k CDN in extras bolted on and had been very well maintained and very carefully and tastefully modified.

As per the usual, no test pilots, no riding without cash in hand. Bring the full amount, I have mixed feelings about selling it as is. Once you ride it you’ll buy it anyways. There’s a greater chance you will disappoint it than it will disappoint you.


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I had no idea you could put an FS450 cam in these, interesting
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