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Hey everyone...since no one wants my bike all decked out, I've taken all the cool stuff off. Here's what I got available.

All prices include shipping to the lower 48.

It all came off my 2007 KTM 950SMR, some may fit other stuff...if I know I posted it.

PM me if you want something!

Here we go:

KTM Carbon Front Splash Guard (Akrapovic)
Retail $215.00

KTM Carbon Counter Shaft Cover
Retail $120.00

Emig Racing Top Clamp (Orange) with Under Bar Mount Rev II Damper (Black). Risers are rubber mounted and the 3.25" Tall Risers.
Fits SMR, will fit SM but a different Damper stem is needed.
Retail $710.00

STM Slipper Clutch. This clutch has been in the bike for about 200 miles. When it was shipped to me it had a small tab that was broke off. It was the only one that FMF had so I installed it the way it was. It went in fine and has worked fine.
Fits SMR/SM/SD/SE/Adv.
Retail $1200.00

Orange Front Fender

Orange Tank Side Panels

Black Rear tail section.

Let me know if you have any questions....if you need a picture I'm sure I can email you one.

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