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2007 DRZ400 SM 5spd
Currently titled and ridden in NC
Reason im selling is to get a 450 or larger Supermoto preferably a CRF 450 with an aluminum frame. Asking $4,500 OBO OR trade for a 450 up YFZ, KTM, CRF, or RMZ Supermoto, im open to anything just show me what ya got:D im looking for a more powerful supermoto
Nice seat cover with the center foam cut out for your junk, super soft
Yoshi pipe n header
Chrome case and starter cover plates
Bigger carb
Jetted for the mods
under fender LED tail lights
Switch for the tail light in case you have to run from anyone at night:anim_peep:
Aftermarket headlight
Tag mounted under the fender
Airbox cut out with aluminum mesh inserts
Custom air intake
Mesh sprocket cover
ASV clutch lever
Red hubs
Athena big bore kit, actual size is A 440cc now
About 2,000 miles on the engine build
Im sure im forgetting a few things but here is the pics

Dirty pic

Located in Marion, NC, 28752

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Bump for a sick bike, i saw it in person last week when i picked up another bike from his roomate.

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Also has...........

Zeta polished subframe
Zeta seat cover
Zeta $75 billet gas cap
Protaber handlebars
Protaper foam knuckle grip guards
Aluminum radiator shields
Hot Cams
Tag relocated under the fender
Oil catch can under the seat
New brake pads front and back
Carbon fiber frame guards
Carbon fiber fork covers
Custom air intake with Performance foam air filter
Skateboard wheel frame sliders
SM front fender
And a box full of jets, original cams, gaskets, and electronics

Runs like a top, starts up 1st turn over, very comfortable seat and suspension, only about 2,000miles on the rebuilt 440. Bike is decked out, there is not anything else you can really do to the thing. $4,200

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New pics!!!!!!!

Took some new picture of the bike, you have to see the bike to really see how much stuff and custom work is done to it. Bike is really nice!
Right side of bike, polished crank and oil filter covers, aluminum rear brake lever, Yoshi header and pipe

You can see the polished subframe, Zing seat cover, custom aluminum mesh inserts, and airbox cut out

ASV levor, ASV cover, Protaper fatbars, protaper foam knuckle guards

$80 Zeta gas cap, i lost the stock one so bc i didnt have it on good so when i had to shell out almost a bill for a new one i tied a string to it to the handlebars so it never falls off again, Endurance speedo and have all the stock electronics and stuff in a box that goes with the bike, switch on the left shroud is for the rear tail light

All the bike needs is a new front tire, i plan on riding the front a little bit more though

Athena big bore kit

New pads front and back

Carbon fiber fork wraps, aluminum radiator shrouds, SM headlight, SM fender

Yoshi pipe, LED tag light, plate under fender, and you can see through the mesh inserts


Red spring, custom polished intake pipe, foam filter, aluminum mesh battery box, Carbon fiber frame cover's, Zeta polished subframe.

Uploaded with

Price is still $4,200. This is a real SM not a DRZ that has been converted and i have the title ready to go:D If the pics do not load right just hit refresh on your comp till they do
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