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Hey I'm back ready to throw some more money into the old beast. It's already got all the standard options, I see turbos & super chargers never really took off with these bikes, but if I missed something on that let me know..

Basically I'm looking for more power, it's a street ripper. Ide like to send the head out to get ported / polished / cams / big bore / whatever else till the $2000 budget runs out.

Wheres the best shop for Yamahas & the best parts / options, sorry I'm not expert in this area.

Here is the bike & mods.

Marchesini Wheels
GYTR billet clutch basket
Water Jet Cut Wheel Spacers
Galfer Wave Rotors
Galfer SS Brake Lines
Brembo GP Front Brake Caliper
Brembo Front Brake MC
Pilot Powers
DID 520 VT Gold (Narrow Chain)
White Brothers Carbon Pro Full System
BRP Scotts Pro Tripple Clamp
BRP Frictionless Chain Guide (modded)
Acerbis Blitz Headlight
Acerbis YZ Rear Fender
Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender
Spyder Grips
Afam Sprockets
Trick Flasher
Brembo Mini Front Brake Res.
05 R1 Tail Light w/ upgraded Custom LED intergrated board
05 R1 Under Tail Cut to Fit w/ YZ Fender
R1 Control Switch
R1 Horn
Greggs 600RR LED Signals X 4
Barnumspro Airbox Side Filter Kit
Twin Air Filter Cage
Twin Air Power Filter
Trail Tech Magnetic Rear Rotor Speedo Pickup Bolt
JD Jet Kit
Veypor Speedo
Zip Ty Fuel Screw
Power Now / Power Now Plus Carb System

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