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2006 KTM 525 EXC Steet Legal Sumo Conversion

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Well here we go... Sumo build with no mechanical experience!

Here is the bike.

I have been doing some trail riding with it a bit while waiting for parts. Was a blast, but way to much for the tight stuff we ride around here. I ride much cleaner and faster on my 200mxc.

Can't wait to get this thumper on the street!

This bike has CA plates and is registered already, just have never physicaly put the plate on.

I am starting out with just replacing tires/drivetrain and installing a fully legal lighting system. Eventually I am interested in re-working or replacing the suspension, changing out the exhaust and jetting, and lastly putting new plastics on (stock tank too maybe...)

The parts list thus far...

Motostrano Bare-Bones Sumo Kit -
-Warp 9 17" Wheels
-Tubes + Tires
-F+R Rotors
-Sprocket (came w/ 40t instead of 44t, not my choice),
-Caliper Relocator
-Acerbis Sumo Front Fender

14 tooth Renthal Sprocket

DID 520VM Gold X-Ring Chain
($95 shipped from these guys)

Custom OEM Spec lighting kit from Dr. Enduro -
-X2 Dual-Sport Headlight -
-Wiring Harness w/ IC relay
-Handlebar Switch
-LED brake light w/ license plate holder/light
-Flush mount LED rear blinkers -
-Oil pressure switch (for brake light operation)

Zeta protectors w/ LED turn signal handgaurds
($110 Shipped)

Dual-Star Mirrors -

Some of the parts...

I had to race the daylight today, I don't have a garage so I can't really work past sunlight.

I got the front wheel and fender set up with out any problems!

Question #1 - I have been told I might need to slide my forks up a little bit. Is this true?

The rear was not as sucsesful. I got the wheel on just before complete darkness, so no pics. I broke my master link, so now I think I am driving to Reno tomorrow. We dont have any motorcycle shops around here.

Q #2 - I could not get the front sprocket off. How is this done? I was told it is reverse threaded. I tryed both ways and could not budge it. I had it in 1st and the engine was just turning over. My chain was off while trying this, does it need to be on?

Well thats it for tonight. I am still waiting on the lighting kit, should be here any day. I am not looking foreward to that, I have never owned a bike with a light or battery before.

I have the next two days off. Tomorrow I want to get the front sprocket and chain worked out, get a new pic, and wait for my lighting kit!
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theres some sick tard terrain out your way man. ive been through truckee a bunch, and alot of my friends live there now, reno too. ill be in reno next spring for some riding for sure.

that bikes gonna be dirttyyyy when shes all done
I was able to repair the master link and got the front sprocket changed out today! I got the sprocket off by leaving the chain on, standing on the other side of the bike with one foot on the rear brake. It took everything I had but it came off eventually.

I put on the plate and some old blinkers for show so I could take her for a test ride.

Everything ran smoothly. This thing is sooo much fun! My first ride was to the top of Donner Pass. Its 2000 vertical ft climb of twisties through snow covered granite peaks.

This thing is a beast, but I feel it is geared a bit to tall (14 - 40). I never hit the freeways today, but I was able to get 6th once, it did not have much steam. I can't get the speedo magnet off my old rim, so I have no idea how fast I was going.

My suspension is as stiff as possible -1 click on everything, still seems bouncy on the road.

I suppose that is it for now. My lighting kit is not shipping out until Thursday. Not much I can do until then.
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hell yeah man thats awesome love it! Nice work on the build!:clap:
you're gonna wanne put at least a 42 on the rear, I'd even go for a 45 which is more or less the ideal gearing setup for a streeted 525, ran the same gearing on my old 450 RFS and 530 XC4. makes it pretty wheely happy without sacrificing loads of top end, it'll still do a 100 mph flat out so 75 mph cruising speed is still easily achieveable.
I am going riding in the morning, pulled the 200 out. Figured it made a nice pic.

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Nice work man welcome to the streets and smj... I bet if you get the suspension reworked for street duty it will be like a whole new bike, have fun man!
its a Sweet bike men.. mine its a XC so a bit longer gears. (rocking it unplated)
still working on it... need some suspension work done. and new head light cuz this one sucks...
I recommend u to get a smaller tank for more technical ridding... i put the big one on. just so i can do some longer rides, i live 2.5 hours away from Moab. and the Ride its Crazy fun... but for the Sunday road attack i like my small one better..

Nice Bike and Have fun out there...
looks great!! theres a 06 525 here and hes asking 4k for it with knobbies, but its plated already....

cant wait to upgrade from my 250! keep the pics coming! congrats
Just jumping in on an old thread...

Hey Donner, I notice you have the big (3.5 gallon I think???) fuel tank on there, which I have on my 525 also, and like yours knees have rubbed most of the printed graphics off mine as well. You wouldnt have come across any sticker kits that are made to fit that tank have you? :hmmm:
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