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Less than 2000 miles, Low hours, never been off road. This Bike was put together very well. I used OEM parts wherever possible and took extra care to make everything look like it came on the bike from the factory where OEM options were not. I bought all the OEM EXC parts from the dealer to help with the conversion. All the battery box components, mounting hardware, wiring where I could and the EXC rear fender which made mounting the custom LED tailight without drilling into the fender possible. I spent well over $1500 on parts for this conversion. I know someone is going to chime in and say you could do it for less. But in my mind i spent some extra to make sure everything was done as nice as I possibly could. I have seen plenty of street tards with bailing wire and sheet metal screws in the plastic. This is not one of them. This bike looks very very clean.

Trail Tech Kick Stand
Trail tech floating ground DC high output stator
Trail Tech Flywheel
Ktm Stator Cover
Acerbis Headlight
Customized OEM KTM ligting control switch for lights and blinkers.
LED turn signals
LED rear brake light super bright and no hole drilled in fender to mount
Black Anodized Behr wheels from KTM hard parts catalog
Continetal Contiforce SM tires
James Dean Jet Kit
Customized OEM KTM ligting control switch for lights and blinkers.
I am sure I am missing a lot of stuff here but this is what i could think up right now.

I know to build another new bike like this would cost at least $8,000-9,000 not to mention the hassles of putting it together and getting it liscensed for the street. This bike is In perfect condition. Already titled in MN and ready to go for this summer. I really don't want to see it go but future plans leave me needing money. I am asking $6,000 OBO

contact me at
763-360-7069 Nate
AIM - Puhrot
Email - [email protected]

I will also get some more pictures up asap
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