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*I recommended reading the entire post.

Short Story: Put around 12k miles on the original engine since 2015. Rebuilt engine in 2019. Haven't ridden much since (~1k miles). Has all the go-to aftermarket performance parts and recommended mods.
Long Story:

12/2014: Bought with around 4k miles. Commuted daily and loved it.

04/2016: Stolen from my carport. Found and returned 2 days later. Plastics were removed, spray paint all over, locking gas tank cap destroyed. No indication of ever being started (they didn’t have a key...). *I included some pictures of how I got it back. Gave it a cosmetic overhaul with new larger gas tank, all plastics, head light and seat cover. Back to commuting and loving it.

11/2017: Crankshaft bearing went out at around 15k miles (possibly from “lugging”). Pulled the motor and started the rebuild process.

11/2017-06/2019: Rebuilt/replaced cylinder (Cylinderworks 440cc Big Bore Kit), entire crankshaft assembly (Hot Rods), all engine bearings, camchain, oil pump, circlips, gaskets, etc. AKA brand new motor aside from transmission, valves, and cams.

06/2019-03/2020: Broke in the engine, commuted and rode here and there. Then pandemic. Did not really ride.

03/2020-Now: I have only put about 1500 miles on it since the rebuild. I am not riding or commuting as much as I used to. I have a Prius now and I get similar mileage... After it sat for a couple months, I just pulled the carb and cleaned out all the jets and it is running as good as it ever has.
Aftermarket Parts: Yoshimura RS3 Off-Road Exhaust System, Rejetted carb (JD Jetting), IMS 3.2 Gallon Fuel Tank, Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender, Manual Cam Chain Tensioner, SFB Racing Clutch Cover, Trail Tech X2 Headlight, Fender Eliminator Kit, minimalist turn signals

Mods: 3x3 airbox mod, stator loctite fix, countershaft loctite fix, Raptor manual fuel petcock (OEM vacuum fails)

Maintenance History: Oil changes every ~1k miles or so. Rear, countershaft sprockets, and chain have about ~5k miles on them. New battery in 2019. Bike was either garage stored or covered in a roofed carport. Has been garage stored since 2017.

Extra OEM Parts: Tail light, turn signals, headlight, headlight shrouds (2), spare starter (good condition), spare starter idle gear set (good condition), spare one way starter clutch (for parts), original fuel petcock (for parts), space oil pump (for parts), original engine bearings (hopefully you never need), and more.

Extra Aftermarket Parts: Acerbis Handguards, UFO Front Fender (New), Dual Sport Mirror, 120 piece bolt kit, Clymer Manual, fuel/brake bleeding hose, additional carb jets, extra engine gaskets, O-ring kit, bike cover, disk brake alarm lock, and more. I also have a brand new unopened gallon of Maxima oil and a fresh oil filter for your first oil change.


Moral of the Story: This bike has been through a lot and I am not trying to hide anything. I have learned more about this bike (inside and out) than I ever expected to, but it always paid off in learning more about my vehicle and having it be relatively easy to work on. At the end of the day, it runs great and basically has a new motor. Plenty of life and enjoyment to give if it's maintained and treated right. I am open to answering any questions, so do not hesitate to ask.

I have a lot more pictures including spare parts, receipts from rebuild, and even how I got it back after it was stolen. Let me know if you want to see. Make me an offer.

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I have 05 DRZ 400sm that will be for sale in a month or so in Austin -
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