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Considering a dirt set-up. I would have separate wheels, front break setup (caliper & master cylinder), and chain/sprockets.

I know I can get husky wheels and they will fit, but
are there any other company's wheels (e.g. KTM) that could fit? Or I was thinking of buying some used husky hubs and going with a aftermarket wheel/spokes and building them.

The 2005 SMR has a relocation bracket for the front brake. Will a KTM or other brand dirt caliper fit on the front? I can find used KTM caliper and master cylinder set-ups easily and much cheaper than a oem husky bit.

Suspension. Would changing the front fork oil to 5wt help to soften the front enough, or would I need new springs too? Would be nice to just play with the clickers between on/off road.

Rear shock. Can I do anything with that besides clickers and preload to soften it up?

I am trying to decide if I want to have a swap or buy my friends KTM exc 250. I don't mind swapping parts, but the big benefit to using the husky off road is it is street legal, and there are a lot of gnarly trails close by that would be impossible in SM trim and I don't want to screw with making the exc street legal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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