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I have an 05 525 SMR for sale, this bike is titled and street legal with all indicators and illumination as required by law. Battery added as well. This is the factory supermoto, factory wheels, big brake, no conversion parts for running gear. Has Acerbis handguard and Slide Moto axle sliders. WP forks and shock as well as billet triple clamp are standard equipment.

Maintenance has been performed regularly, oil changes every 8 hours maximum and filters changed everything other oil change, oil pickup screen cleaned every oil change. Chain cleaned and lubed every month of riding maximum.

Has almost new Continental Conti Attack SM tires, these are dedicated supermoto tires.

Yes, the factory plastics are orange but I have painted them. Just rattle can, easy to strip.

Pricing is difficult to pin down, so I am negotiable. Mostly looking for cash, but I'd be willing to trade for other bikes or older cars or trucks if it's interesting or different. Potentially interesting in welding and fab tools as well.

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