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For Sale, 2005 KTM 450 SMR.
Bike is located in kirkland, WA.
Willing to ship anywhere Forward air delivers

$3600 (+ shipping)
Fresh motor (~2 hours on rebuild)
Fresh brake pads, bars, grips, etc
1mm kw oversized ss valves/springs/etc (done by DJH)
Hot Cam
JD Jetting + Honda Accellerator Diaphram
Leovince Enduro Slip on Exhaust
K&N Filter + "velocity stack"
Standard KTM 17" front/ 5.0 rear silver wheels.
White Plastics

Included spares:
Orange tail, CF skid plate, air filters, Spark Arrestor,2 quiet core inserts, stock airbox setup

Your suspension options:
Modified SMR forks (radial mounted brake hanger)


modified SX forks (standard fork leg brake mount). The SX forks use a QTM radial adapter to use the FTE Radial Mounted brakes. The SX forks would allow for a ktm dirt bike caliper as well (if you want the SX forks, I'll include the dirt bike caliper too).

Only 1 set of forks go with the bike... it's your choice which set.

Purchasable spares:
KTM Hardparts Slipper: $400 (with bike--won't seperate until the bike is sold)
Vortex Ignition $150 with KTM 450 map(with bike--won't seperate until the bike is sold)

(don't worry... I'm not getting out of Supermoto. I've still got the 250 and an XCF coming).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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