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Im looking to sell my enclosed trailer, I want to get a SM so im parting ways with my quad trailer. It is a 2005 american hualer Nighthawk, It has a motorcycle package, this includes:the chrome trim, the Drings in the floor, the finished walls, and interior lighting. The trailer has light damage to the nose(something flew off the RV). Overall i would give the trailer an 8 out of 10. I am the only owner of this trailer I purchased it direct from the manufacturer in Mishawaka,IN. I never recieved a title and the trailer has never been tagged. I know a lot of states do not require a title to plate the trailer. If a title is a must i can get it titled as a home built trailer. But it takes about 30 days for this process to complete(I have checked). I have the original reciept showing i purchased it on 8/6/04. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call 502-664-7568 Im asking 3700 for a GREAT trailer, i really hate to see this go, but its been parked since 10/2007 since all my buddies quit racing motocross with me. The trailer has a ramp door, and i will include my helmet rack/clothing rack with the trailer also. Im located in southern Indiana/louisville,KY area.

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