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2004 yz450f street tard

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Ok, so a long time goal has been achieved (kinda by accident). I recently traded my turbo raptor 700r, for another 700r, 2004 yz450f, and a gun. So when the guy showed up he presented me with a title for the 450.. I thought "hey thats pretty cool", well turns out it was super cool because i took that Arizona title to my local Wisconsin DMV and they handed me plates and a street title..Now before i spend a good chunk of money turning this street legal, i first am going to wait (about a month) to make sure the home base dmv will not reject the title, and during that time try to piece together a good kit to purchase. I did some digging and came to the conclusion of getting a battery powered light kit. Now my question is has anyone put a kit on a -2004- yz. I have found info on 06+ but no 04's. If you have done it i would love a parts guide or just options on what you did and how. I am a big fan like most of the slim led blinkers and sleek led headlights (klx, polisport halo, 08+ktm... you get the idea). Also would not mind the handgaurd blinkers. Yes i have found the Tusk Kit, but Rocky Mountain said it would not work with my 04...

I will continue to dig while i wait to make sure my title is good to go but i figured a quick post for ideas cant hurt.. Thanks!!!
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If you want all LED stuff, buy a WR450 stator and float the ground, and get the Baja Designs rectifier.

Then buy the Tusk kit.

It's nice being able to turn your headlight on with the bike not running, can be helpful if for instance your bike runs out of gas at night and you have to push it on the shoulder.
Would i just be able to get away with the tusk kit, and a polisport halo headlight. I will not be running this bike that much so im not concerned with having to charge a battery. The only real issue i could see with the tusk kit not working is the rear brake switch. I think it may be for a brembo and i believe mine is a nissin. Dont quote me im pretty new to dirt bikes, just kinda married into a family that does a lot of flat tracking. But I feel a fix for that is just buy the correct banjo bolt for the pressure switch. I will also be buying a TRX450r (honda sport quad) front master cylinder so i can wire in the front brakes for the light also. It would be re-assuring if someone installed or no someone who installed the kit, would chime in for any issues they ran into... if any..

Thanks for the response! And as you can see I am trying to get away with running a different stator. Would like to get away with just using battery power.
I have the Tusk enduro lighting kit on my WR450.

The brake switch is threaded for a Nissin master.

I think you would be much happier not having to charge a battery constantly, that's why I recommend the stator and rectifier changes, then at least you could just run the bike without a battery if you wanted.
Probably down the line ill do the stator swap but at the moment the money that is going to be dropped on this bike is hefty. So another ~400$ possibly is not really in the cards as of now.. While I have you on this thread what parts are involved in the swap. If you know off the top of your head...
Should just need the WR450 stator, and a Baja Designs rectifier, which comes pre-wired plug and play.

$50 Rectifier at Baja Designs
Used WR450 stator maybe $150 max?

Trailtech has a stator and rectifier kit for $170 USD... but I have read some bad things about the Trailtech stators, so I just avoided it and modded my WR stator.

I'm not sure if the flywheel is different, with more or less magnets etc...

Might want to let someone that knows YZs chime in.
I thought but i am not expert at all but...

Wr stator
stator cover
wr shifter
wr flywheel

Kinda what i read...
Oh yeah, right, different ignition cover.
I am in the same process with a 2003 yz450f. From what I read the wr stator will not work unless you swap the crank. The highest output stator available is 50w. The only reliable one I have read about it the one so that's is what I just ordered for mine.

I still unsure of what else to do for lights and battery. There are a ton of options.

This thread caught my eye in looking for parts and information. From what I can find most carb. yz450f's have the same problem with lack of power from the stator.

I plan to do all leds and am undecided about turn signals as New Hampshire does not require them. But I think I would like to have them. My idea at the moment was to use flush mount led bolts as turn signals.

Good luck with your build.
Thanks bud you as well, What i did is order the tusk light kit for the wr450, and an Polisport led headlight. All of that for the time being will be ran off the supplied battery. Any idea on how hard or involved it would be to swap an entire WR motor in our frames??? If mine goes i would like to do that for a couple reasons, upgraded stator, better trans for the street, hopefully would be close cost then me rebuilding and adding stator.
Ohh and just an idea, i wanted a brake light for my front brake as well so i got a atv front brake master and lever, also was told the atv masters provide a little stiffer brake pressure.. The one off a 08 honda 700xx is what i got and seems to fit very nicely! and has the switch built in from factory. But many others fit as well
Hell yeah I also have an 04. Where you at?

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^^^^like location? Wisconsin, West bend to be exact
progress pics when i got it and figured out i could street title it


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current tear down and build up situation.. waiting on my custom wheels to come in!!


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Hell yeah! Are you doing supermoto wheels ?

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Keep us updated. Yours will be done before mine. I wanna know how the 4 speed is on the street. Imostly want mine street legal for random shenanigans and it ride to the trail. For any real street rides I have a Harley too.
yes I have a custom set ordered, blue hubs, black wheels, white spokes with Michelin power pilots. And i will keep updated! last weekend got the light kit hooked up with the exception of finding power for the headlight. Soon the billet will go on, and the vapor hooked up.. Pretty Stoked!
Nice, blue hubs black wheels will look sweet. For my headlights, brake lights and blinkers I have everything wired into a craftsman 12v rechargeable flashlight battery. I have 2 batteries and always keep one fully charged. Works like a charm

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Keep us updated. Yours will be done before mine. I wanna know how the 4 speed is on the street. Imostly want mine street legal for random shenanigans and it ride to the trail. For any real street rides I have a Harley too.
The 4 speed does the job, but yeah you're always kind of looking for that 5th gear and it's just never there. I'm running a 37 tooth rear sprocket and I believe the front is 14. I hit 4th gear at about 45-50, fastest I've gone so far is about 85. According to my trail tech vapor. At about 8000 rpms going that fast

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