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Hi Guys,

First post on here (Am a member on drz400uk). Heres a little background on me.

I'm 19. I have owned as follows:
- Chinese Moped (Never ever again)
- 2014 Yamaha YZF R125
- 2007 Suzuki DR-Z 400s (Supermoto Conversion) - CURRENT
- 2004 Yamaha YZ125 - CURRENT

Here's some pics of my DR-Z supermoto conversion that I just finished.


In garage

Stripped down

Finished Bike

What I want to do with my YZ. Well, I want to supermoto convert it. I know people will try to put me off but i can't go mx anymore because of knee and its not worth selling so would love to get some use once a month on the local twisties.

THe DRZ conversion was straight forward, got a set of wheels aff a sm drz. The YZ isnt so easy. I am not hugely mechanically minded however willing to give anything a go. I need to get a set of sm rims for the yz. other than changing sprockets for better road use it will stay more or less the same except new piston etc. From my googling i think it is a 3.50x17 front rim and a 4.25x17 rear rim. Here is a link of the best I can find at the moment:

Ideally i want a set of these but used (cheaper as cost is an issue on this bike). Can anyone help me out in terms of finding a set of wheels. I am based in UK. Will any 3.50x17 and 4.25x17 wheels work? What do I need to do spacers wise? What about brake discs etc?

Any help anyone could provide will be greatfully appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys

GoProGeeks - Ashley
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