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2004 WR450 Stator-upgrade Options

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Hi All,

I did a search (and on thumpertalk) and found a few helpful things, but no definitive "list" per se. I've got a sumo'ed WR450 (posted a pic in other threads, I can link if people are really interested) and I'm planning to build it up into a more capable mini adventure-tourer/fun bike. Included in these plans is a much upgraded headlight, one of the 8" desert-style lights IF it's possible on this bike (ie. if there's an aftermarket stator that will do the trick) and of course legal.

So far I've found the baja designs stator kit, read about the similar trailtech kit, and I've seen reference to the E-line lighting coil. The e-line coil is listed for the WR400/426 but not the 450. Is there a similar product for my bike? How about the Baja Designs kit - will it provide sufficient power to run a big headlight without discharging the battery? Apparently the trailtech kit (if you upgrade the regulator/rectifier as well) should run "prettymuch any lights out there." Are there any other options? Anyone with experience wish to sway me one way or another? I'm leaning the direction of trailtech right now, as I like their light and their "built from scratch, not rewound-OEM" philosophy. Thoughts?

Thanks a ton in advance,
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I believe this is the question of supermoto. How do you get useable lights on a YZ. Keep searching, there's a bunch of threads on this site about it. Check the street tarders section. Good luck and post it up if you come up with anything worth a damn!
i bought my 03 wr450 aleady sumo'ed up. from the day i bought it if i ran it with the healight on the electric start would not work...then the problem slowly got worse till the point where when i hit the directionals with the headlight off the motor would cut out. i replaced the startor and reg with factory parts and when i took the old stuff out i found baja design parts. the bike runs great with the factory stator and reg and i have a tail stopper unit that keeps my blinkers on like runing lights....granted there led and dont draw much. now i i dont want to bad mouth baja designs but thats just the experiance i found with there parts.
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