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2003 ktm exc supermoto

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updated the ad a little bit
Yet another bike I would buy if I could sell mine. Looks like a top notch scooter. Good luck with the sale. I will give you a shout if I get my bike sold.

Paul G
big zero what are you selling?
I had a 05' YZ450 all decked out for sm with full dirt set-up to go with it. I parted the sm stuff, so it is currently in dirt trim. Nobody seems to want it, and when I went to trade it in on a KTM 450 exc, the dealer they only wanted to give me $2800 for it on trade.

I guess I need to sell it private to move it for anywhere near what it is worth. I would sell it to a junkie for $2900 rather than let the dealership make any profit on it.

Paul G
i hear ya! The only reason i want to get rid off mine. Is that i need a place for a girl to
i have a 2004 kawasaki zx10r thats is extremely clean. It has over $10,000 in after market components on it. she has just over 2000 miles. I may be interested in working out something. Do you have both the dirt and street components for the bike? My email is [email protected]
smi2710 ........ Not yet.

signoremint...... check you email... i have everything you can think of
i hear ya! The only reason i want to get rid off mine. Is that i need a place for a girl to

dam dude good luck, I have the same problem with the motard :headshake

I might have to get a street bike too. Bump for a good cause!
found a few street bikes would like to sell the tard
Some more pics for the guys who keep tricking me into thinking they are actually interested
810 305 0827 for the guys who wanted the number. It was the fastest bike at silver lake this weekend the only thing close was a ktm 300
wheres this located? st clair shores Michigan? or some where else?
After taking to 50 plus people WHO WOULD LOVE TO BUY THE BIKE its not for sale anymore. I sick off dealing with stupid people and questions.
Change in life would like to keep have to sell 5400$ firm. Don't waste my time. NO TRADES if you want it call me come look at it THEN make an offer!!!!!!!

810 305 0827

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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