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I have a 2003 crf450r sm that's already supermoto out.
I am a advide road racer I normally ride a 02 cbr954rr on the track band just now getting into supermoto and love it. It's great. Would like some input on making what I have better all and any info would be great. I also have enduro bikes and old school Hondas. I do like hondas. I just have a passion for bikes. All bikes.

The list of current stuff that I have on it and that will be put on it. In parts I already have. I need some info in the current air box mod need upgraded to a 04 due to the boot on it.

Titled and tagged

Currently has
Excel wheels with spoke skins on them.
Talen hubs
17 front and rear 160.
Oversize roter 320 I think. With mount. Not yet installed
Steel front brake line
Cut down front forks been set up for me.
Righteous clutch lever
Fmf power bomb header
Trx master cylinder
Fmf pro series muffler
High rpm cdi box
70w trail pack light kit
Weighted fly wheel
K&n air filter and k & n oil filter.
Oversized gas tank. Not yet put on.
Drilled holes in side of current air box.
Skateboarding wheels as axle sliders works great.
Stock clutch. Gearing trans I mean. Radiator. Carb.
Changed the rear sprocket but in sure what did. Have gps to 98 mph I think it would do a ton up for sure. nd had more. Just not want to blow the motor. Lol.
Bar risers
Pro taper bars 1 1/8
Scott's stabilizer

Currently change oil every other ride. So about every 200 miles of road. Of hard riding.


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I would like to know what are the best mods for my bike

Toyo carb mod? What the best carb mod for all my current mods??
Valves replaced? What's the best to go with?
Big bore kit worth the money?
I heard the 04 cam is the same as the hotcam 2
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