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2003 Crf450 Supermoto Fresh Engine

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These bikes are considered one the best SM's to have. I don’t want to sell it, but I need the cash. The motor has had some work done to it (by MCR) which makes it scary fast.
Black UFO plastics.
Hand guards.
FX Gripper seat cover.
Polished frame.
Pro Taper handle bars and are mounted with APA's oversized bar mount which is strong and tough as nails.
Tires are the Maxxis SM tire and plenty of rubber left.
Wheels are Black Excels with gold Talon hubs.
Front wave rotor and steel braided brake line. Master cylinder is stock with Sunline red cover.
Braking front brake caliper.
Catch can installed.
Renthal rear sprocket.
Front suspension was built by CTR suspensions, springs, valves. The rear still has the stock shock on it.
White Brothers E-series exhaust with a can slider.
Front and rear axle sliders.
Impeller modification.
Had the complete motor rebuilt the clutch was also just rebuild. New plates, pressure plate, hub, and basket. Have the receipts and work order.
Fresh Amsoil synthetic in engine and transmission.
Fresh Engine Ice in cooling
Honda oil filter
Freshly serviced Twin Air filter
Bike is fast and bad, I just need to sell it for the cash.
The bike was Jekyll's
Asking $4000 OBO
Currently located in Orlando,FL
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BUMP open to reasonable offers as well.:hmmm:
Any chance that you have any pic's NOT taken on your phone?
I can get you some if you want. The bike is really clean.
That'd be tell the tale.
Okay trying to find the USB line thing for camera. Free BUMP. Great bike and fast bike for sale.
Nice bike
How about $3700, anyone??
I'm interested but not sure how much shipping is going to run AND I'm not sure I'm going to be able to talk the wife into this one BUT I'm working on it.
Somebody?? Anybody?? I Thought There Would Be A Little Interest In This One.
Just has all swing arm bearings replaced and added red hi temp silicone hoses. This thing is a monster.
Yes it is a monster. It is the at most fastest 450 I have ever ridden. Good luck with the sale. I can promise you that this motor was build perfect with all the best parts. It is bulit proof.

By the way, after a good tune and a new tank the 600RR is runnning great. Thanks for the trade. Couldn't be happier.
Could you please specifiy what work has been done to the motor?

For roadracing applications sometimes 'too much' motorwork is actually a hinderance.

The motor was built back to stock specs. It had a some head work and a big bore on it then one awsome day at the track.....kaboom. The water pump went out and then it proceded to over heat. Soo... He has all the records of what was done and when it was done to the bike. Everything was replaced and fixed the right way. Not in the neighbors garage way. It was built by Nick Gains from Gainnsville motor sports.
Installed a YOSH Titanium TRS exhaust system. Looks and sounds great. This is an awesome bike. $3500 OBO.
Sorry, I would rather sell complete. Somebody needs a top notch SUMO.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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