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2003 CR85 in MX trim, <10 hrs, Wisconsin

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I bought this bike this spring from the original owner to do a mini-gp conversion. It is a “small” wheel. I came across a bike all set up just recently, and decided to buy that since my free time to work on this conversion was limited (read – not on the honey do list).

I bought this bike because it was so low hours…the kid hadn’t even run 5 gallons through it. His parents bought it as a new left over in the fall of 05. It was an upgrade to his pw80, but he quickly found it was too much bike for a small yard (we are talking about a fenced in city lot). Shortly after he got his drivers license and a sportbike…selling the cr85 was to pay for his insurance (go figure). I don’t think its ever even fallen over. Its quite close to new, and has at most 10 hours….I’ve only rode the thing 15-20 minutes myself. The bike is completely stock, clean and ready to ride.

Includes just the OM and the triangle stand. Local pickup. I might be able to arrange transportation to Sugar river, Road America Motorplex or Shawano/US Air. You won’t find one cleaner for $1500 obo.

PM or email at [email protected] and I can send full resolution pics. Located in Greenville, Wisconsin.

Also for sale are the wheels I was going to the background of the second photo.
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can i borrow that for the w/e? it may not be so clean when u get it back. bump for a sweet bike.
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