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I love this bike - it was my first KTM and it begat me a 950 Adventure and that encouraged the purchase of a 540SX which simply begged for a supermoto setup. Suddenly the Duke was the bike that sat in the garage and never got ridden. I've done a ton of work on it and it's making upwards of 55rwhp in a completely reliable way (not so my SX sadly - it's engine rebuild is part of what precipitates this sale). Anyway, here's the list of mods:

• Mikuni TMR flatslide from Schneiders in Germany (about $1000)
• Oversize valves (from Schneiders)
• Sport cam (from Schneiders)
• Floating rotor
• New rains
• correctly cored and repacked exhaust (very deep)
• Y-pipe
• front header (from Schneiders) but not mounted yet.
• Scott's damper (custom mount)
• KTM hand guards

The bike has been dyno'd along all changes and now makes 54rwhp up from 43rwhp stock. It's a wheelie machine to say the least and it's very clean with only a few minor scuffs. People usually think it's a new bike. It has 3600 miles and is rarely ridden but starts instantly on the button and is nicely carbed (much nicer than stock).

I'm asking $6000 which is fair considering there was over $3000 into the engine alone. I think I'll regret this but I need a good sport tourer and this is not that bike. Email me here.

More images can be seen here.


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It's funny how almost every bike for sale on Supermotojunkie is also posted on ADVrider. Love the bike, dude. I just don't have the lettuce right now.

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I discovered that I had more into it than I thought. Here's an updated list:

• Mikuni TMR flatslide from Schneiders in Germany (about $860)
• Oversize valves (Schneiders $115)
• HD Valve springs with titanium retainers (Schneiders $284)
• Sport cam (Schneiders $450)
• Floating rotor (KTM Hard Parts)
• New rains
• correctly cored and repacked exhaust with polished powdercoat (very deep)
• Y-pipe (KTM Hard Parts)
• front header (from Schneiders $512)
• Scott's damper (custom mount $600)
• KTM hand guards
• KTM Airbox Lid ($50)
• License plate bracket eliminated with the plate mounted (with light!) to back of the airbox.
• Factory Took Kit.
• All original owners manuals (engine, frame, suspension etc.)
• 3-ring bound Shop Manual
• Revalved WP suspension
• Fresh chain and sprocket.
• carbon fiber oil filter cover (I'm almost embarrassed to admit that)

I also mounted that new Schneiders header and it made a very noticeable bump in the midrange. This bike feels more power than my 540SX which is impressive considering the weight difference.

Also, some new photos:

New price too: $5900 OBO
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