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I have an ad in the wanted section as well because Im willing to trade for the right bike.

2001 TL1000R ...for those unfamiliar it is a 996cc VTwin.
23k miles (Ive put 20k on myself,2nd owner)
Yoshimura Full exhaust (dual)
Extreme Graphics undertail
520 chain conversion with 1 tooth up in the front 1 down in the rear
TRE mod (Timing Retard Eliminator)
Smoked LP windscreen
Power Commander . Adjust all fuel maps..timing etc through ur laptop
K&N Filter
does have a rear seat to go in place of the seat cowl
Very fresh Dunlop Qualifier tires stock size .
Spider on the tank is a decal ..not paint. So if desired it can be removed

Theres many cheap easy mods to be done to this bike which I havent done yet. Mainly because I dont have a functioning laptop anymore and most require a map change is an excellent resource for these bikes. Tons of cheap parts and a wealth of knowledge second to none.

The Bad:
The battery door cover on the fairing has a light crack in it due to the bike falling over. The other side fairing has a crack from a strap breaking on the trailer and the bike falling (trailer was not moving at the time)
The undertail has some rock chips on it which is pretty standard
The bike could use a good tune up
It does have a fresh oil change and I may change out the antifreeze again since the bike has been mostly sitting....other than that the bike is in pretty great shape.
Ill get some more pictures up when I get a chance. Close ups of the cracks and scratches etc

I need $4800 out of the bike or trade for a street tard


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More pics....

pics of the damage..........
slightly cracked battery door and a few minor scratches

side that fell over on trailer(not moving) cracked the fairing and marked the frame a bit with red paint

and the mirror from the first incident...

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the plate holder WILL scrape when cornering hard..especially mounted backwards like it is now (dealer did that when tires were changed) Mounted correctly you have to be pushin it pretty hard
I cant really ride it now because of my back or Id mount the plate back in the normal spot

Tires are pretty much brand new.. They were put on right be4 I bought my M109R and Ive put maybe 15 miles on it since

Also..chain looks extremely dirty in those pics. It is still in great shape. It was lubed before I let it sit a while in a very dusty environment. The bottom half of the bike was not covered.
Any questions feel free to ask
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