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Found on craigslist not mine

2000 Suzuki 650 SUPERMOTO - $3200
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-02-25, 12:52AM EST

2000 dr 650 single cylinder supermoto
the only thing stock on this the frame..!
large gas tank...about 150 miles
new protaper fatbars, and clamps
rebuilt motor with high compression piston
new starter
new 520 chain and sprockets
new shifter
new avon rear race supermoto tire
front dunlop 208
17 inch polished alum spoke wheels
acerbics headlight assembly
flat black paint on all plastic
yoshimura exhaust
KN air filter
rejetted carburator...runs great...!!!!! no choke
retuned suspension
2 fresh NGK plugs (yes its a twin plug single)
just adjusted the valves..!

and i'm sure there is more that i'm missing...
looking at this bike does not do it just dosent have all of the pretty goodies....but it does what it is supposed to, and run well... i garuntee this bike will outhandle ANY sportbike on the road (i own sportbikes as well)...will wheelie in 3 gears easily, and will powerwheelie out of turns. This is an awesome Hooligan Bike...up steps, down steps, through trails, through wal mart...LOL...ANYWHERE you want to go...

i have too many toys, and this one's got to go...
i will consider trades...small 4 cyl car, maybe a quad, maybe a 600cc sportbike for my fiancee, i dont want her riding the supermoto, she cant touch the ground, and its too torquey for her.

e - mail, or call

412 414 2637
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