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I need a set of forks (preferably with crowns) from a 2000 or newer YZ/WR 125, 250 426 450 etc...

Right now, ones in decent shape seem to be going for around 200 on Fleabay with crowns.

I would like to spend around $200, BUT I would spend up to a few hundred more if they are set up for supermoto already, or are a showa/ohlins/blahblah aftermarket fork/billet crown etc...

ALSO if you have any forks kicking around that need a little TLC but are in good functional shape, I don't mind doing seal replacement or other minor work on them if it means its a touch cheaper.

Reason is, I am looking to upgrade the front end on my electric motard, because right now, its got a 1988 YZ125 right-side-up fork that is waaaay too soft for supermoto, and parts are too hard to come by for this heavy flexy non-adjustable old fork.

Forks would be shipped to Bend Oregon 97701

(I am also looking for an adjustable rear shock, something with a 13" eye-eye distance and a spring around 800-1000 lb/in)
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