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2-up on a WR250X?

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Just curious, has anybody ridden their girl on the back of the wrx? It has rear pegs and was just wondering if it is even possible.

Gotta try and keep the wife happy.
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im planning on welding some passenger pegs to my subframe on my CR500 for my girlfriend. she is 5 ft and 90lbs though.....

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Do it!

...and then let me know how it works out, because i'm wondering the same thing. :D
I have a Klx 250 and my wife rides on the back once and awhile, icecream that kinda stuff.
We ride on my brothers CBR600 she loves it, but she likes going out on my boat the best which i dont mind obliging as long as she doesnt ask to drive. i tell her she can drive when she goes and gets her boaters license.

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Oh yeah I wouldn't want to go to far though!

I would think it would work. I mean, the Honda XR100 supermoto (that they sell in Japan) has passenger pegs! :lol:
My wife has gone with me on short stints, but I doubt she would want to spend any quality time back there. As far as the bike goes, it didn't seem to mind much... :thumbup:
My wife and I have been on a couple short rides. The bike handles it perfectly fine around town, but my big butt kinda crowds her out some.
The girlfriend and I ride two up at least once a week, nevery super far (50 miles or so) but its not bad, I am tall so the seat is a little cramped but the bike handles it just fine.
I got a wr250x and like the other guys wife and I go for short stints, 20 miles or so. Bike handles the same and doesnt struggle at all with her on back. I wouldnt wanna go on 100 mile trip with her on the back though. Shes tips the scales @ 125lbs and I'm 175. The rear pegs were a selling point for me too.........."hey honey it has rear pegs, you could go for rides with me!" :laughingr
Thank you yamaha for putting on rear pegs! I got a wr250x out of it!
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