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I recently bought a DRZ and am having a hell of a time with it. I need a new top head ( that's a whole different story!) and possibly a motor for the right price. I think I've found the motor... hopefully. Anyways, I've talked to a guy about a motor and was going to go ahead and remove my motor so I'm ready when the other motor gets here. I went to drain the oil today and was absolutely shocked at what I saw.

When I pulled the front oil plug, the oil came out white. I've seen murky oil but never white.

You can get a good idea of what color the fron oil plug produced by those white drippings at about 7 oclock in the drain pan. the only reason the color is tan is because i had some old oil left over in the pan.

Now Part 2 of this. When I removed the rear oil plug, that oil was normal color. I changed the oil in it about 10 miles ago, right before I had a bunch of other problems.

What would cause the oil to be 2 different colors?

Here are a few pics of my oil plug screen that might help you get an idea of the color and viscosity.

I am hoping that stuff on the screen is dirt from the bottom of the bike

I've heard that if water gets inside, it can turn the oil grey, but wouldn't that turn ALL of the oil grey and not white and normal (new oil) colored?

Any help as to why this happens would be greatly appreciated.
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