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2 Bro Vale slip-on for late mod DR650

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Have a 2 Brothers Vale slip-on for late model DR650 for sale. Used less than 20 miles, like new condition just too loud for the area I ride in. $225.00 shipped Cont. US. email: [email protected]
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Replied on Advrider and here plus sent you an email.
Send pics or post on both sites.
I am interested.

withiam, still wait'n on your email.
Strange, the email is in my sent folder to [email protected]
This is what it said:

I am interested in your exhaust.
Do you have any pics of the slip on and all the hardware that comes with it?
What year and model number?
Did you buy it new?
Thanks for any reply.
Russ Withiam
[email protected]
Your email was received and replied.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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