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1st VA Race August 16th

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I am happy to announce that negotiations are complete and we will be having Northern Virginia's inaugural SM race on Saturday August 16th. The event will be held at Colonial Beach Dragway-
The entry into the track is $20 for racers and $10 for spectators. This will be followed up with events in September (either the 6th or 27th) and another on October 25th. If we desire to run he will let us run in November & December also.
There will be other tracks that I have been speaking with present to see if this is something they would be interested in bringing to their facilities. Hopefully we get good enough turnout to warrant other venues.
Colonial Beach Dragway is also going to work with me on getting a jump or 2 in place before the event. These jumps will be nothing spectacular, just a simple bump on the ground. If things go well at the 3 events we will be discussing a better dirt section over the off season.
As I mentioned in the previous thread the track will be rudimentary, a parking lot track delineated by cones / hay bales and a simple dirt section. Since this is not being hosted by a sanctioning organization we will have to work the corners ourselves when we are not riding. The track is flat enough and tight enough that we can see the entire thing at once so safety should not be a factor. I will not be riding so I will be available at all times to make sure everything is safe and going smoothly.
Tech requirements are the normal- No anti-freeze, catch cans for crank case & carb, safety wire oil drain, fill & filters.
Gear is also the normal- leather is preferred, SM specific gear is good and MX gear will be accepted. Back protectors are STRONGLY recommended.
Classes are AM & EX. If you have prior race experience of 1 year or more of any kind (MX, FT, RR, SX, SM, Hare Scrambles, etc.) you will probably be in the EX class. If you are a total n00b you should be OK in the AM. I will move people if I think they need to go up or down, or if they request to go down. AM & EX will be divided into 250 (which will include DRZ 400) and open. If enough mini's show up we will give them their own races. Sportsman will run with their respective size classes unless we get enough for their own division.
This is a starting point and if something needs to change I will do so. Any discrepancies / problems will be resolved by the event coordinator. The event coordinators decision is final on the day of the event. If things need to be changed we can discuss it before the next event. If you are unhappy with the event feel free to let me know and I will try to rectify it prior to the next event. If you are unhappy with the event do not post it all over the 'net or it will damage any hope of getting SM racing in the DC area.
If you love the event and think it was the best thing since sex don't tell me, tell all your friends, relatives, strangers, etc. and get them to come to the next one.
So who all is in?

If this works out and we get a better dirt section next year we can then start sweet talking ESMRA into bringing at least one race to this venue next season so we don't have to drive 6+ hours to every race. :D
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may try to make this if i can get off base while im stuck in fort eustis what all is needed to be done to a street legal sumo and what all gear?
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