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Hey ya'll! First post here. I'm working on a 99 YZ400F and I've scoured the forums for help on this but I apologize if it's been covered before and I just didn't see it. So I bought a set of sumo wheels and tires for my bike. The guy I bought them from said they didn't fit his 250x and that the guy he bought them from said they came off a yz450 but the axle size and everything for my bike is correct. The problem I'm having is on the rear wheel it came with the axle spacers for the wheels and I still have maybe an 1/16" gap between the spacer and the caliper bracket. What are my options for either different wheel spacers or solutions to make up this gap. From everything I've found on the forums says as long as you have the wheel spacers that go with the hub on the wheels it should fit. Any help is appreciated.
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