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Time to part with it. I built it 3-4 years ago and never put fluids in it until a week ago. I’ve ridden roughly 2-3 miles around town and drained the fuel out of it and put it back in the garage. Everything is new (2-3 miles old now). It has a FULLY street legal title that I tagged years ago and have kept it current, clean and clear in my name. This is not one of those hokey Dakota titles that has a Dakota plate. This is a clean Street titled Suzuki RM125 that I tagged in the state of Florida in my name. It has new elite series custom built wheels by excel specifically for this bike. Everything you see in the pics has either been replaced with new parts, or pulled completely apart and polished or painted. This is rare (IMO) as I have not seem too many of these around, and I’ve looked. This is out of my personal collection, and if memory serves me, I’m only the second owner. It’s wired with a sole power source of a lithium battery charging pack in the airbox that with all lights on will last a few hours of ride time. It was wired this way to NOT alter the factory wiring in any capacity, and to provide running lights with headlight to see and a brake light for stopping. A replacement heavy duty stator is available from ricks if you ever wanted to replace the current setup with one that would run the lights without a battery source. I can share any info on the bike if you would like to contact me with any questions you might have. This is in NO WAY a distress sale as I had plans to hang it on my wall, but have since decided to let some one enjoy this little ripper. I have roughly $4500 into this build and that’s what I want out of it so make sure offers arent far off. To list all of its features and the new parts and pieces I’ve bought and used to build this is pointless because I have forgotten most of the tedious details due to years passing in between builds, so I’ll spare myself the headache. However, I would be more then happy to talk about it over a text/phone call/email as it is unique and cool.

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