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I've accumulated the makings of a pretty rad TWO STROKE street 'tard. I got a job offer in Colorado and I think I am going to take it. I hate to take a plated two stroke out of California and my new job won't give me the time to work on this for a while.

I started with a plated 1991 Kawasaki KDX250 that I got from an interesting (cough*tweaker*cough) dude. The lower cases were shot, but the top end's been ported (have a receipt from when the work was done). He gave me an aftermarket pipe of indeterminate make that I had dipped and then painted with high-temp paint. It hits pretty good. . .er, it did when the bike was still assembled. This bike is now in three Rubbermaid bins; I stripped it with the intent of cleaning the frame and getting it powdercoated. The insurance and registration are still current.

In order to get this project back on the road faster I bought another (non-plated) kdx250. This one is a 1994. It also has an aftermarket pipe and runs fine and starts easy. The plan was to simply put the engine from this bike into the frame with the plate (once it was cleaned up). I was eventually going to put the ported head on the street legal bike as well.

As part of the part accumulation process for this build I got some 17" KTM Behr wheels. I haven't had any spacers made or anything of the sort for them, but they're pretty nice. I also got some later-model forks from a KX125. I will have to check the year, but I got them after reading they would fit in the triple trees on the KDX. They are better than stock, and it'll be much easier to find a caliper relocation bracket for them. Not in the photos are the factory service manuals for the KDX, a set of knobbies in decent shape, and a sand paddle.

I paid $1700 for the plated bike and $900 for the other one. I want to get rid of the whole shebang at once, and I'd like $1200 for the lot. It's a project for sure, but the bikes alone are worth the price nevermind everything I accumulated for the build. Any questions please let me know.

More photos are available here:
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