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1975 honda xl250 and 1971 sl 125

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street legal, bikes are in great shape, i was asking 1800 for the 250 and 1300 for the 125 however i dont know what these bikes are worth here is a link with more info and pictures
contact me with questions, or offers, need to sell, looking for a ktm 450or bigger smr ([email protected])
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Since not everyone here is a member of ktmtalk..I'll post the pics:



Clouser if you have any problem with me posting these, just let me know! The bikes look to be in awesome shape! That 250 is definitely a sweet little bike! :thumbup:
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thanks grim for those pics, and i am located near springfield IL, i can meet you half way or part of the way depending on the distance, i also have lots of extra factory parts for the bikes, gas tanks, fenders handlebars, exhausts, way too much to list, the 250 runs great and the 125 runs but needs a float
make an offer, we need to sell these to get a sm
still nothing? how about 1500$ for the 250 and 1000$ for the 125? open to any offer (but not like 1 dollar lol) located near springfield IL
bump... (offers)?
I like the old vintage Honda's. I have several, fav is my '74 MT 250 Elsinore, also street legal. (the old smoker really gets the eye from the cops)

You're in the ballpark as far as price, especially since they're street legal.

Try listing them with Walnecks cycle trader. They deal exclusively with older bikes and it's a national publication. You'll be able to reach a target audience all over the country. And these shoppers will travel to get the bike "just like they had when they were in High School".

Good Luck and bump for some clean old Honda's. :thumbup:
I agree, and as I always tell people, toss it on Craigslist. I know Craigslist is generally associated with crappy shit and people, it's pretty damn popular. I put my mountain bike up for sale for 1500 bucks (not many people are looking to spend 1500 on a bike) a few weeks ago and I had 5 people interested in the first week the ad was up. Craigslist is definitely worth trying, especially since it's worth it. Never know who in you're area might be interested!
thanks ill check those out
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