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i have made the switch to 12's recently on my 150R. i was initially running a 15-47 and it was ok at tight kart tracks but not enough gear for Road America's supermoto track. it did work at Shawano but just. i was just touching the revlimiter in 5th on the back straight.
i got a 16t front and it is perfect at Shawano now. i have more flexibility in what gear to be in and i'm not on the revlimiter at all. i have not been to RA since but will in the next week or so.
the 16 is sold by sprocket specialists (they had 3 in stock when i got mine) with a disclaimer that u have to mod the case to make it work. not so. u do have to remove the cover and the case saver chain guad and some of the swingarm buffer but it does not contact the case.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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