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and my a$$ is sore :)
I did about 400 miles out of which about 50 was off-road
here's the route
the plan was to take Ridge RD, Henness Pass Rd from CA49 to CA89 but I thought it was paved all the way, once I found out how long the dirt section was I cut it short, need me some better dirt tires first :)
the best sections were Downieville to Sattley (starting at D), Pleasant Valley Rd (super curvy) and of course Mosquito Ridge RD
some pics I shot on the way:
French Meadows Res.

Mosquito Ridge rd

American river

It started nice with a single track power line paved :D

and ended like this, I got to the fence but I ain't no Steve Mcqueen to jump it :)

Boca res

Some unused bridge

single pole means "motorcycles allowed" right? ;)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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