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I am considering an 08 SXV 4.5...I've ready a lot of reviews that tell me the bike is a performer. However, I know Aprilia also has a reputation with the 5.5.

Could someone please tell me about the SXV 4.5? Is it reliable? Is it very maintenance intensive? I would like the bike to ride street and some trackdays...this will NOT be a commuter bike...a pure "fun" bike.

I would really appreciate everyone's honest opinion and recommendations on it. Also, does anyone have the HP numbers? Crank/wheel? :headscrat

Thank you :bowdown:

The two bikes I am debating are the SXV 4.5 OR the DRZ400SM with the FCR 39mm carb/big bore kit. Close enough in terms of the power however, I know the Aprilia will have the endge in handling. But...the reliability/maintenance is something I do not have enough info on.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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