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The tale of a 57hp 05 drz sm. By Eddie Sisneros.

So you would need:

94mm big bore
hotcams stg2 intake stg 1ex
41mm fcr,with correct jetting
yosh ti trs
+5mm hotrods crank,RHC 187 cams (degreed), Eddie's own porting with over size intake valves only.

- and -

approximately $4,000 to pay for all that if you have Eddie do the work.

to come close to the hp of an SXV 450 unrestricted.

Comparisons to other bikes:

run7= stock 525 ktm
run8= fully race prepped 510 husky smr
run9= fully race prepped 525 ktm
run147= this current drz
run651= a real 60hp crf 450

IMO, I'd buy the SXV 450 before I'd buy a DRZ400SM and sink another 4 grand into it - but thats just me! I think it would be less expensive as well.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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