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Welp, it happened... I'm 95% sure I sheared the woodruff key on counter balance. The bike started vibrating way more than usual. only leveled out at high RPMs, then came back on decel. Pretty much exactly what everyone else describes, and exactly what the guy who I bought the bike from told me happened to him.

He said he fixed it himself. I know he use to post on here, not sure hes around here anymore. I think his name on here is Kevin something... Chime in if you can buddy!

Debating on driving down to Uptite Husky in Santa Ana(3hours drive, but my closest husky dealer) or having someone in town do it. What do you guys think? should I take it to a local mechanic(no husky experience), or take it to uptite and have my valves/cam chain checked while I'm at it?

Sorry for the long post... Hope this makes sense!
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