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Hello Everyone,

My 08 690 SMC has been running very poorly on the mid-to-top end range for a while now. I first visited this forum when it started (I was on the freeway and the bike suddenly acted like it was starved for fuel). I read through several posts and decided to change the fuel filter (which was pretty much black and gunked over). That didn't work so I replaced the fuel pump. The engine still does the exact same thing.

To test I take it down the street, and when I give it gas (in any gear) it accelerates then starts to bog/pop. I am really at a loss for what this is right now. I used to have problems with stalling like everyone else on here, I bought/installed a power commander and that fixed the stalling. I thought maybe the PC was the problem here, but I just unplugged it (back to stock) and the bike is exactly the same.

Any help is much appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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