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The specs. page still says 4 spd., but the new features page says:

Key Features:
New, five-speed gearbox squeezes even more performance from the mighty five-titanium-valved 450.

New for 2006:
New, close-ratio five-speed transmission provides more performance in a wider range of riding environments.
Woopeee :clap: :cheers: :phatyo:

Looks like I may be staying with Yamaha, since I have planned on getting a new 06 bike. :D

The specs. page says 224mm and 220mm for the disc sizes, but the features page still says:

Lightweight front and rear brake calipers with aluminum pistons and anti-bubble front master cylinder, 250mm front and 245mm rears discs, deliver strong stopping power with progressive feel.

Whomever is doing the specs. was smoking crack. You think they would get it correct for once, I have noticed bad specs. posted up in prior years. :headshake
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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