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I've got a lightly (VERY lightly) dropped '06 Multistrada 1000 "S" here, needs a pair of straight forks, and possibly a set of triples. Anyone parting one out by chance? Please email me asap if you are, at [email protected]

I'm trying to decide whether to fix or sell the bike. I removed the front fairings and forks, and there's the tiniest kink in each of the two fork tubes - honestly, it took some looking to find them. I do not know whether the triples are bent, just figured I'd see about some fresh ones. Front axle has a tiny bit of bend as well.

Besides those pieces, injury is confined to one broken footpeg and shifter lever, broken guage bracket, and a few SMALL scratches on the bodywork - no breaks or cracks. 11k miles, starts and runs abso-freaking-perfectly. Has the "red key" and code card. Everything works. This had just been through a complete inspection at the Ducati shop prior to the drop. Salvage title.

MSRP in '06 was $13,995. Current Kelly Bluebook for a non-dropped with clear title is a hair below $12k. I'd let this one go for $6k cash, as is. Again, email direct if interested.

This is the "S" model, with the upgraded Ohlins shocks and forks (such as they are), and carbon-fiber goodies, and black wheels. Can share pics or take videos, or you're welcome to come see it just west of Milwaukee WI. Will be happy to deliver within the area free of charge, including to the Forward Air terminal if you'd like to arrange shipping.

Pic of the "bad side" from the rear. See the whitish marks on the tail plastic? That's the type of scratches there are - and there aren't many, just a few. Tank cover wasn't touched.

Other side:

Partial moto-trades considered, street-legal bikes only .. a DR650 plus cash would get my attention ... let me know what you've got. I've been jumping from one project to the next, I need to just get out and ride.

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