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05 Drz130

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05 DRZ 130 2500.00

KX 65 front end
billitware ext. swingarm
CHP cable clutch
ASV clutch lever
tokyo mods rev box
hot coil
IMS pegs
24mm flatslide carb
ss braided brakeline
RSW forkbrace
yosh pipe

the bike is in OKC, OK
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these are the only ones I have , I don't have a camera the bike has gold bars now and no graffix just plain blue
I know this bike & have rode it several times.. This bike is super clean and built right :arsenal You can`t beat this deal .. The bike rips and handles like a dream:thumbup:.. I would buy it if I didn`t have so many bikes already.... Deal of the year !!!!!!! don`t miss out on this one..:thumbup:
Tell us more about that 130 motor. And what about the gear box, 4th gear drum? Output shaft? etc...
I forgot it does have the 4th gear drum in it , the 130 kit has been on about a year or so ,also it has a trail bikes race head on it , we did a SEMRA endurance last year at BTK , won our class , and finished 4th overall. If you don't like blue I do have a set of DRZ yellow bodywork with stock graffix
I'm puting a fresh set of dunlop 92s on this week
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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