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'05 Dr-z 400 Sm

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this is my first post on this website. i just got back from iraq, and purchased an 05 zx-6r. (should be in any day now). while i was there, i asked the guys at the shop about building a supermoto bike that was street legal. i was thinking about a crf or a yz, but after getting wheels/ tires/ brakes/ dual sport kit/ and new stator, it would be about as expensive as the DR-Z 400 SM. the advantage of the DR-Z would be that it is brand new, easier to register, as it is made for street use, comes with warranty, electric start, etc. would you guys recommend this bike? ive never ridden a dr-z before, so i really don't know anything about it. are dr-z's really slow? on the suzuki website, it says the bike weighs 295 lbs, so i'm wondering if the bike is too heavy, also.

does anyone know approximately how much power a dr-z makes, and how much can be gained through some headwork, exhaust, and cams? any help would be appreciated.

lcpl ronnie simpson, usmc
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Hey All, I'm new on this board and am trying to decide on getting my first bike. I've ridden alot of MotoX bikes in the past, but don't have alot of street riding experience. My old man let's me borrow his KTM Duke when I go home to visit. I've been trying to decide weather or not to buy a SV650 (used as there's plenty to be had) or get the DRZ650SM when it's available at the dealership. My biggest worry about the DRZ is that it won't be able to keep up with the Traffic on I-10, on the days I wanna ride to work. I think getting a supermoto would be alot more fun to ride around the city than a 600cc supersport type bike.
Can you run the Suzook SM for extended rides like the 625/660's from KTM?
The KTM's have the LC4 based motor and oil sump so you can run it at constant rpm's for longer duration, so I'm told. Can you do the same with the DRZ? Around town riding would be fine, but getting to work is 20 miles of 80mph freeway.

Good points about steel tank, heavier SM wheels, fan etc vs. the weight issue.
'04 KTM 625 Smc

I would definitely recommend jumping into motorcycling by getting a Supermoto style bike! I will NEVER not have one again! These bikes will only get more popular, as people find out what they are and want one themselves. The manufacturers will be forced to step up to the plate and deliver more and better SM style bikes.

I ride my KTM 625 to work all the time. It has become the bike I always want to ride. I'm fitting up new Dunlop 208s on it right now. Yes, it has a plate, turnsignals, mirrors, a cool trip meter/speedometer, the dependable LC4 engine with an electric fan and e-start. It came that way from the dealer so I didn't need to buy anything for it or convert it! The bike also has 17" Behr wheels, big rotors and Brembo brakes.

The one thing I don't like is the 9L fuel tank. After 60 miles you better be looking for a gas station. It's not a problem just a hassle. I usually stop on my way home everyday and fill it up because, I commute 25 miles one way. I keep a can of fuel in my shop in case I forget to stop or take the long way home. No big deal!

I haven't ridden the bike with the new Dunlops but it handled so well with the stock Pirelli DS tires it should be a different bike with the race tires. I live on a gravel road and the Supermoto style bike really appealed to me for that reason. It even looks cool with some dirt on it. I have never seen another SM style bike in my area, nobody else has either. People just stare at the bike and don't know what to think of it. She always draws a crowd and people ask what it is everytime I take it out.

I ride the SMC aggressively on the street. You live longer that way. I can do things on this bike that make my sportbikes look like tricycles. It turns in like nothing I have ever ridden and the brakes are awesome. Again, the Dunlops will make it better. A slipper clutch would be nice too, because at high speed she'll chatter to a stop and break loose, if you get on the brakes. I ripped the cords on the stock Pirelli rear tire doing just that. I suppose it's heavy compared to some of the other SM style bikes out there but it only weighs 291lbs dry. An Akrapovic Ti exhuast will help it shed a few pounds soon.

Don't sell the KTMs short. Cool bikes!

s won
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I own a DRZ 400E, street legal with all the lights and crap. I cannot tell you just how much I enjoy to ride this machine. My bill for mods is somewhere around $13,000 Canadian (rims, tires, exauhst, jetting, electrical, cosmetics, etc.). As you can see, buying factory built is going to be way cheaper. The new DRZ SM does seem a bit on the bulky side, but I truly feel it would be a perfect all around Funtard, and you can't go wrong on the price.

I have not had the chance to run my DRZ on the highway for any duration longer than about 10 - 15 min, and even then it's not like I am on the pipe the whole time. If you are all about the highway I would recomend dropping the gearing in the rear, although I am sure the DRZ SM is geared nicely for the highway already.

For my money the choices would come down to the Husky 450, Husky 510 or the DRZ (until Honda comes with a SM, I do love Honda's). Of course in a perfect world I would have one bike dedicated to the track and one for the street. But to have one that would work for both I would first explore all the Husky 510 options, then the 450 options, and move to the DRZ last. The most attractive thing with the DRZ is the availability of support, you can get parts and service nearly on every corner. This is why I do not have a Husky now, I am waiting to see what the support and reliablity of the bikes comes out like. I have riden a 510 once and absolutely loved it. If there was one available I might even still go that route.
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I Just Bought A Drz And Am Going To Race Sm And Flattrack. It Has A Factory 453 Kit,big Gun Race Pipe,yosh Cams And Rev Box. This Bike Rips....
I Sold My Woods Rotax And Bought This And I Am Excited. I Rode My Dads New Crf 450 And I Don't Think It Has Anything On My Drz...happy Riding.jim77
fastandeasy77 said:
I Just Bought A Drz And Am Going To Race Sm And Flattrack. It Has A Factory 453 Kit,big Gun Race Pipe,yosh Cams And Rev Box. This Bike Rips....
I Sold My Woods Rotax And Bought This And I Am Excited. I Rode My Dads New Crf 450 And I Don't Think It Has Anything On My Drz...happy Riding.jim77
Hey man, you gotta tell us about the 453 kit... what kind of ponies?... Have you Dino'd it?... How much are the kits?... How much did you pay for the bike with all these mods?... Are you going to Motard it?... :phatyo:
DRZ is the way to go if you want the best of both worlds

HELLO everyone, first off I hate kick starters unless my battery is dead which never happens, ask your self this how many times have you seen guys stall and loose a race because they could not start their hot bike, how many track days or races have you gone to and were tired of kicking over your bike all hot and sweaty in race leathers I have a 04 drz400s here is the list of parts I have and prices
Electric start

1. East coast wheels, tubes about 900-1000 you can have your stock hubs relaced for less
2. Exhaust fmf 150.00 new from ebay
3. Eldelbrock carb from ebay 300.00
4. Wave rotor and relocation bracket 300.00 you can buy a ebc 320mm kit for less than 150
5. 38 tooth rear sprocket 38.00
6. 9.5 kg rear spring 100.00
This is around 1700 bucks for a fully capable motard bike (street legal) and best thing electric start

Now I have a lot more stuff like a Scotts damper, fat bars, triple clamps etc… but you don’t need this. Ok the bike is not as fast as a crf or husky but on the track it’s very fast and doesn’t need rebuilding as much as the other bikes. With a piston kit and cams you cam be in the range of the crf and the wr and husky. “ Aaron Yates had the fasted straight away speed on the drz 400, yes maybe a little heavy but who cares,

Here are your choices
1. 05 husky sm450 retail price 6799.00
Positive electric start already in moto trim
Negative “ not street legal” not one of the big 4. Reliability, parts?
2. 05 crf450 x retail price almost 7 grand so you need to buy all the parts to convert $$$$$$$$$$ also the x model is detuned compared to the non-x model.

I am working with cagiva motors for a 3-bike team for the next season I just spoke to the US importer yesterday I asked him about being street legal this is what he said “I repeat not street legal” so this also needs a Baja designs kit

3 weeks ago I was at a track day at VIR (patriot coarse) team promotion, I ride in the expert class, the fastest sport bike times were 51 flat I was turning 54 flat, so that will tell you something about a almost bone stock drz400, no I have to admit I would like 15 –20 more hp (not to fast on the straights)
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How much does the 510 cost cmopared to the 450SMR? And whats the weight diff?
IF schwantz can ride a DRZ with the pro's, then they are more than capable in the right hands.
Michelangelo said:
How much does the 510 cost cmopared to the 450SMR? And whats the weight diff?
Check out :clap:

Well The 510 Is Not In The Us Yet , By Jan It Should Be Here
The 510 Is 7299.00 The 450 Is 6800.00. Now If You Want The Bad Mamajama Buy The 630 Thats 16,000 And It Comes With A Small Spare Set Up Sprokets And Levers (trying To Make You Feel Better For Spending 16 Large
Hp Figures

I Know The 450 Has 45 Hp , V/s The Ktm450 46 Hp , But The Husky Has A E Start The Ktm E Start Option Is Around 6-9 Hundred Extra
It sounds like the money you save buying the DRZ400SM allows you to build it up into a beast for the same amount of money it would take to convert a normal dirtbike to supermoto. Is that a correct assumption?

I Would Buy Something That Someone Else , Spent Loads Of Money On And Lost Intrest , Take A Look Around You Can Find Cheap Used Bikes , My Sugestion Is Ebay , You Can Find A Nice Drz For Around 2800-4000 Then You Can Buy The Real Nice Parts For It , And Not Be Like Everyone Else
I meant if you were gonna buy something new. Used you'd save even more money like you said.
or buy one of Chrome's bikes :lol:
Hell, he's got so many. I don't think he'd notice one or two missing!! LOL!
Haha you guys are ganging up on me again :thefinger . I just happen to love motorcycles and am fortunate enough to enjoy what I have :thumbup:
I would buy the Husky 510 or 610 SMR before a DRZ 400 SM.

Close to 50HP and about 270 lbs and street legel.
Sorry Dude (not Street Legal)

Sorry Dude's , Huskys Are Not Street Legal , From The Dealer , You Have To Install A Baja Designs Kit ,
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