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'05 Dr-z 400 Sm

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this is my first post on this website. i just got back from iraq, and purchased an 05 zx-6r. (should be in any day now). while i was there, i asked the guys at the shop about building a supermoto bike that was street legal. i was thinking about a crf or a yz, but after getting wheels/ tires/ brakes/ dual sport kit/ and new stator, it would be about as expensive as the DR-Z 400 SM. the advantage of the DR-Z would be that it is brand new, easier to register, as it is made for street use, comes with warranty, electric start, etc. would you guys recommend this bike? ive never ridden a dr-z before, so i really don't know anything about it. are dr-z's really slow? on the suzuki website, it says the bike weighs 295 lbs, so i'm wondering if the bike is too heavy, also.

does anyone know approximately how much power a dr-z makes, and how much can be gained through some headwork, exhaust, and cams? any help would be appreciated.

lcpl ronnie simpson, usmc
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Welcome back jarhead.
With that said, I will tell you that I have both. A street legal (somewhat) CRF 450 and now a DRZ400.
I have had the CRF since Aug 2003, and I bought the DRZ less than a month ago.
What all this means is that the CRF is a riot on the street, but far from practical. For instance, this bike can be rolled away from where you may have left it, or worse yet, kicked over and riden off by someone.
Next, it can be lifted by a couple of guys and tossed into the back of a truck. I doubt that would happen with a DRZ as readily since it will not likely be a perfect MX or race bike. Or even parts bike like a full on MX bike.
Finally, the bike is made to be flogged not run sustained high revs on the open road. Use it on the tracks where it is in it's element and you cannot go wrong...SM or MX.
I bought the DRZ to build as a street SM/hooligan stunt bike/commuter special/trail bike. The bike is perfectly suited to all of those. It may not be the best at any one of them, but all of them together, I doubt that you can find a better bike.
Of course, if you can get the Husky450 on the street, that would make me change my mind since it has e-Start and a ripping motor and suspension. But sometimes, you just get tired of working so hard to get something past the DMV that it stops being worth the effort. If it is a non-issue for you, I would plate an E model, but then you do not have the steering lock of the S but you have the right carb (FCR flatslide).

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You can do a lot to the bike. It all depends upon you.
The best bang for the buck is an FCR carb ($500), then a pipe. Those alone should net you healthy 40+ hp. But most importantly, give the bike the throttle response that the S bikes so desperately need. (S meaning street).
Next would be hot cams for less than $500, followed by the ME 436 kit for under $500 as well.
These would put you closer to a stock CRF, and if you did the compression (13:1 which is race gas territory), would put you in the 50s.

The bike is admittedly a money pit. But then so is my CRF, only it does not take as much to get the CRF to where I want it since I MX it more than anything else, and 50+ hp simply is overkill for MX. Even on pavement, I am rarely hurting for power, as my limitations are in corner speed, much more so than twisting the throttle down the straights.

If the DRZ-SM is half the fun that my DRZ-S is with stock wheels, you will have a lot of fun. Stoppies and wheelies for days if you like.
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