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'05 Dr-z 400 Sm

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this is my first post on this website. i just got back from iraq, and purchased an 05 zx-6r. (should be in any day now). while i was there, i asked the guys at the shop about building a supermoto bike that was street legal. i was thinking about a crf or a yz, but after getting wheels/ tires/ brakes/ dual sport kit/ and new stator, it would be about as expensive as the DR-Z 400 SM. the advantage of the DR-Z would be that it is brand new, easier to register, as it is made for street use, comes with warranty, electric start, etc. would you guys recommend this bike? ive never ridden a dr-z before, so i really don't know anything about it. are dr-z's really slow? on the suzuki website, it says the bike weighs 295 lbs, so i'm wondering if the bike is too heavy, also.

does anyone know approximately how much power a dr-z makes, and how much can be gained through some headwork, exhaust, and cams? any help would be appreciated.

lcpl ronnie simpson, usmc
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imprezawd said:
well. What about it being Street legal? I still have not seen a US KTM except the DUKE street legal?? I live in VA so i bet getting a off road bike to a street bike will be near impossoble. Va sucks!!
Thanks for the help. I know 20% SM is dirt but do they use street tires. I swear they have a half and half compound tread. :thumbup:

Thanks again guys,
They are running cut slicks, but seem to manage in the dirt section...if only just barely. Somehow you look like a guy that likes to do nutty things on a bike, so I'm guessing it's all right up your alley.

If I can get my Husqvarna on the road out here in CA, the land of the fuits and nuts, you can certainly get that bike on the road in VA. The real trick is having a dealer in you corner, but for the life of me I can't think of a really good dealer there in Northern VA. Coleman Powersport was the only place I remember from when I lived in that area, but they were kind of a big clearing house for bikes. You need a small specialty shop. Or better yet, do what I've done and suggested before...

Get a AAA membership, as you can do all DMV transaction at their offices. Then try and get the title switched over to street there. Or just call them and ask what forms you'll need to get the job done.

Oh...and forget the Honda for a streetbike. You'll be happier on the KTM.
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