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'05 Dr-z 400 Sm

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this is my first post on this website. i just got back from iraq, and purchased an 05 zx-6r. (should be in any day now). while i was there, i asked the guys at the shop about building a supermoto bike that was street legal. i was thinking about a crf or a yz, but after getting wheels/ tires/ brakes/ dual sport kit/ and new stator, it would be about as expensive as the DR-Z 400 SM. the advantage of the DR-Z would be that it is brand new, easier to register, as it is made for street use, comes with warranty, electric start, etc. would you guys recommend this bike? ive never ridden a dr-z before, so i really don't know anything about it. are dr-z's really slow? on the suzuki website, it says the bike weighs 295 lbs, so i'm wondering if the bike is too heavy, also.

does anyone know approximately how much power a dr-z makes, and how much can be gained through some headwork, exhaust, and cams? any help would be appreciated.

lcpl ronnie simpson, usmc
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I'm in the market for my first motard as well. I've settled on the Husky SM510R. I was going to buy a SM450R last month until I heard rumors of the 510. Because my plan was to slap in a big-bore kit into the 450 and in Minnesota we're at the end of our riding season, waiting for the 510 made sense to me.

In no particular order my reasons for my coming down on the Husky over other makes:

1) I can get a plate for it.
2) It has electric start and because my L4 and L5 are fused from my motorcycling past, e-start is a big deal to me.
3) The 450 had plenty of power, but I wanted a larger engine for street duty.
4) The seat is not made by KTM.
5) The suspension works better out of the box than the KTMs I've riden.
6) The bike tossed into corners faster than the KTMs I've riden (4.5" rear hoop).
7) I don't have to spend a lot of money making the bike into a 'tard or street legal.
8) Track time has taught me that light is always right and the Husky is light enough.
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