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05 CRF450r Supermoto in VA

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$3800 obo or trade for street sumo (ktm, husky, etc. 450 or bigger, and newer than 03)

05 CRF 450r
Bike runs amazing, it has TONS of power

I recently came across this bike in a trade for the reason it is easier to move a bike than a 4 wheeler with anticipation of a shoulder surgery.....turns out surgery is optional so I am skipping surgery and going to get another bike for the road after selling my klx450r planning on the surgery. I was going to go through the process of getting this titled in VA but its not really a bike for the road, this thing is pure race and deserves to be ridden by someone who can use it in that manner.

The bike comes with lots of plastics and a few parts, but most of the bling is on the bike itself:
-Excel Wheels
-good tires
-radiator catch can
-hammerhead brake pedal/shifter
-Magura brake system ($1,500 alone)
-big fancy rotor
-high compression WISECO 13:1 top end
-aftermarket clutch
-baja designs dual sport kit
-trailtech vapor gauge/speedo (cracked)
-leo vince carbon fiber exhaust system (sounds amazing)

Lots of small things not listed. The clutch is listed as "aftermarket" because the previous owner claims to have put a slipper in it but I have never had the case off to double check. I do not have the time to check either so that will be reflected in the price...aka buy it as a stock clutch and hope its something really fancy. Same with the motor.

The bike does run great and is an absolute blast but I am looking for something I can commute on. This is my dream bike and if I could afford it I would never sell however one bike is all I can justify/afford.

You will not be disappointed. PM for contact information.

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3800 Obo
If the pictures aren't working for anyone copy/paste the folwing website into a browser....
man that bike is SICK SICK SICK !!! would love to have the beast... to bad my AFC500 isnt commuter friendly... :lol:
this use to be my bike!!!!! i bought it out of ashville and the owner at the time claimed to put the slipper in...i dunno about the top end. bike does run awesome. i traded this bike for the dirtbike i currently have. interested in trading a 06 crf450r dirtbike? an $500 to boot?
Hey man, I would but I am interviewing for out of state jobs, so if I end up getting one I dont want to have to move a dirtbike and find needs to be street legal. This bike is a blast though, very fun.
3000 or trade for almost any street legal sumo/dualsport
Ttt. The DMV should be giving me a title for the bike tomorrow morning.
Interested in trading for my 06 Husky 450? All stock, runs great, 8300miles. Clear NC title in hand.
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Interested in trading for my 06 Husky 450? All stock, runs great, 8300miles. Clear NC title in hand.QUOTE]

PM sent
Leach! Thanks so much for meeting me over the weekend. It took me a few hours to get the bike running again, It had no spark. Nothing to serious, but I still have a lot of electrical to go through. That thing is the nastiest SM I have ever ridden! I rode it in the neighborhood yesterday. Its pure evil.

It turns out that bike lived just 4 miles down the road from me about 2 years ago. It used to belong to my friend Kory and we would romp around Asheville on our sm's. Small world.

I hope you are enjoying the Husky. Thanks again.
Haha that's awesome man. It was nice meeting and I am looking to getting on the husky, might have to sneak away from moving and go for a ride. And I definately wanna see what you do to the ttr.

Glad your enjoying the CRF too. Give me a call/text later about the no spark issue.
would you be willing to trade for a 2009 kx 450r...3hours on bike total, basically brand new??
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