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04 KTM 300exc Motard?

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I have a 04 ktm 300exc that i race enduros on. I am think about getting a quick supermoto conversion kit from for it. I want something that i can play with around town on and I can't afford a new bike right now and this kit is only $1800. So my questions are: Does anyone have street legal 300? Does anyone now anything about the kit i'm talking about? & Would a 300 be any good on the street?

I'm very curious about this so any help would be very much appreciated.

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Where do you live? Some places are easy to plate a 300 and others :headshake .

I priced out the KTM hard parts to do the conversion (using the smaller rear wheel and cush drive) and with a set of Avon Distanza SM's it only came to $1400+.
I live in Colorado. The kit i found says it only takes about ten minutes to switch between offroad and motard. With it you keep the same brakes front and rear. Also, my bike is very close to being street legal. Emissions wise i'm not sure.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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