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I've finally gotten the funds to get another engine for my '06 WR450F since the tranny kaploded and irreparably damaged the crankcase and bottom-end back in June. Unfortunately my choices are slim, but I've found an '03 engine for a far more reasonable price ($900) than the lone '06 engine I can find ($1900). The '06 engine looks mint—even has the AIS still on it, so I know it's been babied! I haven't seen the '03 engine, but the top-end has just been redone with new valves, a piston kit, and new timing chain.

My greatest concerns (other than the condition of the engine) lie in the many parts revised in the later engines, primarily in the bottom-end. The third and fourth gears were revised by '05, as well as the mainshaft, crank, and flywheel, but the other remaining parts I can swap over from my dead engine.

· Does anyone know what the revisions to third, fourth, and the mainshaft consisted of (seeing as I want as beefy a tranny as possible)?

· I understand that the crankshaft/flywheel were subject to a recall due to the woodruff key shearing and were supposed to be replaced with the '04+ crankshaft/flywheel. How can I check to see if the crankshaft and flywheel have been replaced with the newer versions?

· Is the '03 flywheel compatible with the '04+ stator (which I believe has a higher output)?

· Can '06 cams be used in the '03 cylinder head without issue for auto-decompression?

· Are there any other concerns I should have about the '03 engine, specifically? I'd much rather an '05 or '06 engine, but it's hard to argue with the price. I might as well buy a donor bike for the price being asked for the '06 engine I found.

Thanks, all!
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