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'03 Husaberg FS650 Supermoto or '04 KTM Duke 640 ??? Which one would you prefer??

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for a long time I ve been searching for a supermoto which will make me excited.
I m gonna use it for my daily ride and some action on the road.
now, I m on two bikes after long long searches, KTM 640 Duke and Husa FS 650
I know, these two bikes can not be compared directly, but I m thinking about their advantages and disadvantages for my situation.
first of all, I love Husa and its professionality.I think its a real racers bike.beringer front brakes, brembo rear brakes, behr rims, magura accessories...and a very "hot" engine power.some says "It s a race bike with a lisence plate". I think that's correct. I want it so much. But...
In my country (Turkey), husa dealers are not so well organised. for many years passed, there was no dealer for husa till 2 years ago.
so I m afraid of spare parts. new dealer says there will be no problem after now.
second confusion in my head; for '04 earlier models of husa, some says there are chronically problems for example rocker arm issues, starter motor problems or hot starting those models, "dellorto" carbs were used and on the bike which I found, there is a keihin fcr replaced with dellorto. most says fcr is very good for that bike. fcr makes the bike more powerful and no starting problems (especially warm engine start ups).it s not a problem for me the electric starter not to operate, I m ready to kick it:)
husa also have hourly maintenances but that s not a problem for me either..
now lets look at the KTM,
I think about KTM Duke 2 because of its easiliy found spares and dealers..also its a good bike but it s not a hooligan like husa.
and, it has passenger foot pegs:) I can ride it as a daily bike especially with passenger...
it is much more easier to buy or sell a KTM than a Husa in Turkey..Husa is not known as well as KTM, but I m not a investor.I m a hooligan rider:)
I dont really know if there is any chroniccally problems about KTM 640 engine
does it have any known issues??
if you were me, which one would you choose and more important WHY??
thanks for your help..
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the berg will really need looking after and the duke is not a motard.
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