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03/20/05 Canby Swampfest

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Saturday practice was wet,dry,wet,dry, dry etc etc........I was on wets and was feeling studley comin outa the last turn to the straights, not seeing the damp spot I had a handful of 2nd, both feet up and just about to hit third..... WHAM the green bike reminded me not to light it up on gooy rains, dam that hurt !!!! I stayed down for a few seconds... no I won't post picts of bruises :clap: Two to three other guys piled it in pretty harshly as well.... all got up, :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Sunday races got quite wet later in the afternoon... In both Novice races I got lucky holeshots, mrroadkill dive bombed me (in the first one)he got in too hot kept it up and I "got lucky" and got around him (whew)... leading is something I have never done so i got almost a lap or so in front, and the arm pump and nerves were too much, so being the gentleman that outacontrol is... he and a couple others decided to relieve me of my stress and got around me.....which then pissed me off so I relaxed and got on it, started making up lost ground then the two got tangled and Kevin got by safely and was gone, it ended bout the same.....I'll take 2nd anyway I can get it..... Outacontrol definately deserved 1st :thumbup: The main was so wet we had 3' wide by 4 " deep puddles on the straights, so keeping the front tire up helped alot..........I think I ended up 4th ? in the main in the rain storm... the KX 500 handled very well I just haven't come to terms with the throttle control and gearing.....great experience........motarded highsided before the real rain hit, seeing a buddy face down on the track is heart wrenching to say the least, I was happy when we got him up and he made it back under his own steam......he's a tough bugger so he will recoup quickly :thumbup: :thumbup: my rain tires are done.... I will be happy to try out slicks, those rains when they get hot get gooey and the back end steps out more than I feel comfy with....this was my first time seeing Mooman on a track other than the clay....If I can be half as smooth as that guy I'll be happy..........RogerB stepped in and helped do all the griding etc, which went confusion at all :thumbup:
we have a great group up here, not a dud in the bunch :clap: Oh yea, Vet trophy....... :hmmm: dam those boys are fast.....well I have raved enough..... see you sukas in the pits :twofinger
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Good to have you Mark!
This forum is the place for local SM info.
Let me know if you are down for some woods riding around P-town. I ride almost every weekend in the woods (as long as there's not a SM event)
Hope you had fun!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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